Amed Bali – The Underwater Paradise in Bali

Corals at Lipah beach

Amed Bali is a fisherman village with black volcanic sandy beach and located in the eastern tip of Bali. This village is known for having many beautiful snorkeling spots with extraordinary panoramic views of hills, and a distant view of Mount Agung.

The place is less crowded than most tourist places in Bali. As a result, the underwater natural condition of the coast is still relatively healthy. If you are looking for a place for diving or snorkeling, then you definitely have to come to Amed.

Here are some interesting places for diving and snorkeling in Amed.

1. Japanese Shipwreck

Japanese Shipwreck in Amed Bali
Japanese shipwreck

This spot is the highlight of the snorkeling spot in Amed Bali. 

The shipwreck has become a structure of a coral reef foundation and surrounded with beautiful corals. 

The wreck is easy to find, It lays down only 10 meters away from the shore. If jump in to the water, you will see many kinds of fishes around the wreck. 

Japanese Shipreck in Amed Bali
The deck of the wreck

The Shipwreck is located in Banyuning Village, about 15 minutes drive from Jemeluk Village. This spot is a must to visit if you are snorkeling in Amed.

2. Lipah Beach

Broken corals in Amed Bali
Corals at Lipah beach

The beach is quite different compared to other beaches in Amed Bali, this beach has a black sand, while others are rocky and some are white sand. 

The water is so clear, you can see the coral from above. The beach is shallow with weak right side current, and from the water you can see the beautiful view of hills from far. 

Corals in Amed Bali
Corals at Lipah beach

Here, you will see large and colorful coral structures with species of fishes, Moray Eel, Sponge Barrel, Blue Spotted Rays, and Mackerels.

3. Jemeluk Bay

Jemeluk Bay in Amed Bali
Jemeluk bay view from the sea

Jemeluk Bay is located in Jemeluk Village. Its calm water makes this spot become dive school’s favorite around Amed. 

In normal times, you will see many diving schools take their students to learn how to dive in this area. 

Black surgeon fish in Amed Bali
School of Black Surgeon at Lipah beach

If you snorkeling near the cliff you will see healthy corals everywhere at the bottom, and you will find species of fishes such as Angelfish, Dam-selfish, Surgeon-fish, and Blue Spotted Ray will accompany you exploring the corals. 

4. Gili Selang – Bungutan Village

Gili Selang in Amed Bali
View of Gili Selang

This spot is the least known compared to other snorkeling spots in Amed. To enter the spot you need to walk through the Bungutan village and to recognize the place is by its small island separated from the main island.

At the village you will also see beautiful rock formation on the beach, and many ‘Jukung’ (Traditional Balinese boats) that lay on the beach. 

My favorite site for snorkeling at Gili Selang is at the right side of the village near the wall. There, you will see colorful fishes swimming around, and If you snorkeling to the rocky part, you will see a cave with birds and bats living in it.

If you snorkeling at the channel between the islands, please beware of the current.

Gili Selang Cave
Gili Selang’s cave

5. Kembali Beach Reef

The spot is located in Jemeluk Village, about 10 minutes from Jemeluk Bay. The spot is long, starting from Amed Cafe, Kembali Bungalow until Pyramid cafe. 

Living corals a Kembali reff
Corals at the reef

It’s hard to find this place, but there is a big tree as a sign, and the tree stands between those three places, or you can find Amed Cafe to get to the location, and start snorkeling from there.

You can add this spot to your snorkeling list, as It has clear water with lively corals and colorful fishes, and if you are lucky, you will see turtles in this area.

Map To Amed

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