Bali Beach – 11 White Sand Beaches in South of Bali

Balangan beach view from the cliff-top

Are you looking for white sand beach in Bali? Quiet beach where you can relax laying on the sand, reading your favorite book or listening to podcasts. And if you do, then you need to go to the south of Bali. 

In the south of Bali, you will find many white sand beaches from the popular beach such as Pandawa to the secret beach such as Nyang-nyang.

Some of the beaches are located below cliff walls which are hard to get as you need to through hundreds of steps to reach it, but all those beaches are worth visiting.

Now, let’s jump into the list of white sand beaches that you can find on the south side of Bali.

1. Nyang-Nyang Beach and Nunggalan Beach

Nyang Nyang Beach - Bali Beach
Nyang-nyang beach

Nyang-nyang has a long stretch of white sand beach. Because of the location down below a cliff, you will find it is hard to reach the beach. That’s why the beach is quiet and less touristy than other beaches. 

If you are looking for a private beach, you can put Nyang-nyang as the first beach to visit in the south of Bali. 

To get to the beach you need to go to Pecatu street. The location of the entrance is near the Uluwatu temple. Once you enter the entrance, you need to drive 10 minutes to the parking spot. 

The parking spot is a few meters away from a paraglide site. And as you walk to the edge of the cliff, you can see the beach down below. When you stand there, you will notice the distance from there to the beach.

There is a road to reach the beach, and it is accessible by motorbike. A downhill road, steep and dangerous. Definitely not recommended for novice drivers. 

Nunggalan Beach Bali Beach
Nunggalan beach

There is also another white sand beach which is close to Nyang-nyang. Almost at the same location, but different entrance. And it is called Nunggalan beach. 

If you put Nyang-nyang on Google map, it will direct you to this beach. And if you enter through Nunggalan to the beach, you need to go through hundreds of steps.

2. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach - Bali Beach
Balangan beach

This beach is one of the best surfing spots in Bali. It has a left-handed wave. During the peak season, you will find tube waves here.

The beach has stunning views of cliffs on the right side and on the left side, and the beach is in between.  

If you just want to relax or just lay down on the beach, it is better to visit it at low tide. Because at high tide, the beach will be covered by the breaking wave, there will be no space for you to stay on the sand. 

To get to the beach you have to go to Ungasan, then find Ungasan intersection. If you drive from Jimbaran at the intersection, take a turn on the right then follow the sign. The road will take you 15 minutes to drive to the beach. 

3. Dreamland Beach

This beach is popular among domestic tourists and busy on holidays. It has rugged white sand and a nice reef break for surfing.

The location of the beach is in Ungasan, but to reach the beach you need to go through a golf resort. Once you arrive at the parking spot, you need to pay 10.000.- for the parking and the entrance.

4. Padang-Padang Beach

Padang -Padang - Bali Beach
Padang Padang beach

This beach is popular among surfers. It has steady left-handed waves. On the peak session, you will find tube waves here. This spot is also one of the locations of surf competition in Bali. 

If you walk to the beach along the concrete steps, you will see wild monkeys waiting for food around. 

The entrance fee is 25.000.- rupiah. It is better at the low-tide to come to this beach, because at high-tide the beach will be covered by the breaking waves.

The beach is easy to find. There are signs to follow and you can see the beach from the bridge on the main street.

5. Thomas Beach

Thomas Beach - Bali Beach
Thomas beach

This beach is a less popular beach in Bali but worth visiting. It claims its name from a villa’s name that is located near the beach.

This beach has a long stretch of white sand. It’s clean and quiet. To get to the beach you need to go through a small rough road until a parking spot, then you need to walk on steps down to the beach.

The place is good for swimming and also good for just enjoying the sun. And the waves are also nice for surfing, friendly enough for beginners.

6. Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach
Bingin beach cliff

Need effort to get to Bingin beach, because the beach is located below a cliff. On the cliff you will find accommodations and restaurants around. 

This beach is also famous as a surfing spot in Bali. There is a space of white sand beach to lay down on the sand at low-tide, at high-tide the space will be covered by breaking waves.

7. Uluwatu or Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach Uluwatu
Suluban beach

Uluwatu is a world class surfing spot that attracts pro surfers from all over the world. 

There are many cliff restaurants around, and from the restaurant you can watch pro surfers ripping the waves from far. 

You need to check the tide if you want to visit the beach, because the beach is only available when the high tide goes out. 

8. Green-Bowl Beach

Green Bowl
Green-bowl beach

The beach is hidden below a cliff that is covered by green trees. To get to the beach you have to walk through concrete steps from the hilltop to the beach. 

Beware of the monkeys that you might find on the way down to the beach, as they are wild and will jump right away into you. 

Green Bowl
Low-tide at Green-bowl

Once you arrive at the beach, you will see the calm crystal clear water which is great for swimming.

If you walk to the right of the beach, a few meters from the end of the steps, you will see massive limestone and a small temple inside.

9. Nusa Dua – The Water Blow

Nusa Dua
Nusa dua beach

Nusa Dua is located in an exclusive complex, consisting of luxurious resorts, 5-stars hotels, and restaurants.

The beach is a stretch of long white sand beach separated by two peninsulas. In the middle of the peninsulas there is a limestone rock that has been used to hold big international events.

Right at the edge of the limestone rock, you will find a location of a water blow attraction. There are signs around the rock to get to the water blow.

There are two surfing spots at this beach; on the left side and on the right side of the rock.

10. Jimbaran Beach

Sunset at Jimbaran

The highlight of Jimbaran is the sunset and the seafood from local fishermen. 

There are many seafood restaurants along the beach. And if you don’t like to buy seafood from restaurants around, you can buy it from the local fish market and grill it there. As you will find, there are seafood grill services nearby. 

11. Pandawa Beach

Pandawa beach

This beach is located behind a wall of large limestone cliffs, and popular for domestic tourists. Don’t go there on holidays as the beach will be busy.

It has a long stretch of white sand beach. There is space for you to swim.

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