Bali Mangrove – Nature Conserve Trail

Mangrove trail at bali mangrove

If you are looking for something different for your adventure in Bali, visiting this nature conserve-mangrove trail will be perfect for you.

The location is not far away from the airport Ngurah Rai, and you can find it easily from the by pass on the way to Sanur.

The trail/boardwalks are around 400 meters long from the entrance to the bird watching point/the last point. And the trail covers by the green-lush mangrove trees.

The interesting thing that I found when I was there, when I walked on the boardwalks under the mangrove trees I felt the air was so refreshing, a different kind of atmosphere, and was so relaxing.

If you walk on the trail, right in the middle, you will find a tower, it is a bird watching tower. It is a tower to see purple heron, yes, you can see purple heron there.

I thought that there was only one kind of mangrove that exist, but from this place I know now that there are 12 species of mangroves, and all live in this conserve place.

Other things that you will see there are species of birds, lizard monitors, crabs and kayaking. Yes, you can rent a kayak and explore the mangrove by it.

Things That You Need To know Before You Go

  • When I was there, I found out that some of the boardwalks were old and rotten, so you have to be aware when you walk on it.
  • It is better to go there on low-tide compared to the high tide, you will see more things on low tide and the area could be flood on high tide.
  • There are no rangers around the trail-boardwalks, so you have to take good care of yourself if you are there.
  • The place is mostly visited by domestic tourists on weekends, so if you decide to go there on weekend be ready for being treated as a domestic one.

Map To The location

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