Bali Turtle Conservation

Bali Turtle Conservation is a place that you should see on your journey in Bali. I mean, traveling is not all about visiting beaches, waterfalls, mountains, but why not visiting a conserve place, it is also nice, isn’t it?

At this turtle conservation, you can learn about the green turtle. Turtle that once was used as part of offering in Bali, but now is forbidden.

The nice thing at this place is, you can adopt a baby turtle, you name it, then release it to the sea.

Bali turtle conservation

This place would be fun for kids, because they can see and observe the turtle directly, and there will be a caretaker who will explain everything about the turtle.

I liked visiting this place, beside I learned about the turtle, the people who work at the conservation were friendly too. It was so easy to talk with them, and I asked everything that I needed to know about the turtle to them.

One of the care taker told me that they are also organize a whale stranding training together with other NGO at this place. It sounds interesting doesn’t it? how to save a stranded whale.

Life Cycle of Sea Turtle - Bali turtle conservation

Location of Bali Turtle Conservation

The turtle conservation is located in Serangan Island. It’s close from the airport, and only 15 minutes drive from Kuta.

Serangan island itself is interesting to see. It was once separated from Bali island then connected after the reclamation, but the reclamation caused some part of the sandy beach for the turtle to lay their egg is gone. Bad reclamation!

The island is also famous for its surf break. It used to very easy to go to the surf spot for surfing, but today you need to use a boat to reach the surf spot because the company that reclamation the island forbid surfers to enter the surf spot from the land. Bad company!

Serangan Port Bali

Few Things That You Need To Know About The Turtle Conservation

  • The conservation is open everyday. You don’t need to have any appointment to go there. Once you are there, there will be some care taker that welcome you.
  • The conservation is open for internship. I met some of the intern, she was from Java, but the care taker told me that they used to have intern from overseas as well.
  • No ticket to enter. Yes, no ticket to enter, but just simply donation is welcome.
  • Don’t touch the turtle. You are not allowed to touch the turtle, because you will transfer your bacteria to the turtle, and touching make them stress.
Sea Turtle Species in The world - Bali Turtle Conservation

Map To The Conservation

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