Bali Waterfalls in North of Bali

Banyumala waterfall

If walking through dense jungle, clambering over rocks and ducking under lush green canopies is your idea of fun travel, then hunting for North Bali’s clear and clean-water waterfalls needs to be on your list. 

Bali is home to many waterfalls of which of the waterfalls are hidden, and some are off the beaten track and unbeknownst.

But some of the waterfalls in Bali do not have clear& clean water to swim in, because the water is mostly murky and floated with plastics. 

It is different if you compare to waterfalls in Northern Bali, where the waterfalls in Northern Bali have clear & clean water, which are comfortable and fun for swimming.

On my odyssey to Northern Bali, I found seven amazing waterfalls that you should see. All of the waterfalls are easy to find and accessible by motorbike. Even some of the waterfalls are located closely.

Below I will share with you all that you need to know about the waterfalls.

1. Git-git Waterfall

First waterfall that you can add in your travel list is Git-git waterfall. This waterfall is easy to find, because the entrance to the waterfall is located on the side of the main street, and you can easily spot it by the big-written sign on the parking lot on the left of the street if you are driving from Bedugul to the Northern direction.

The location of the waterfall is far from the entrance, therefore you need to walk about 15 minutes to get there. And the ticket fee is only 20.000.- rupiah.

The track paves with bricks and surrounded with greenery, so it is fun and easy, but there are mossy bricks on the track that are slippery and you need to watch that if you walk there.

Once you reach the waterfall you will stunned by the 35 meters height and the power of the water pounding down from above hitting the ground. The water is also clean and there is a part for you to swim in.

There is an interesting folklore about Git-git waterfall, and if you want to know about it, you need to go there directly and ask people around about it.

2. Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Bali waterfalls
Banyumala waterfall

There is a green village called Wanagiri located 15 minutes away from the town of Bedugul, where 3 beautiful waterfalls are located, and one of the waterfalls is Banyumala Twin Waterfall.

Banyumala is hard to get, it is not because of the accessibility but it is because of the confusion  between the other waterfalls that are located nearby. On my first journey to find it, I went to wrong waterfall, instead of getting there, I was lost and ended up to Banyuwarna Amertha Waterfall. To avoid the confusion between the other waterfalls you need to carefully see the waterfall’s sign.

The distance from the main street to the entrance will take you around 15 minutes by motorbike, once you reach the parking lot you need to walk around another 15 minutes to the gate. 

No guide needed, so you only pay for the entrance which is 20.000.- rupiah per person. 

From the gate you need to walk to the waterfall. The track is mild and through a rainforest, and along the track you will be accompanied with greenery, birds and wild monkeys.

This waterfall is special; there are two flows of water to be seen, and that is why it is called twin waterfalls.

The location of the waterfall is surrounded by greenery and on the bottom of the waterfall there is a pool with clean water, a nice place for you to take a refreshing dip in the pool.

 3. Sekumpul Waterfall

Bali waterfalls
Sekumpul waterfall

Sekumpul is the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. Some people are even comparing it to the famous waterfalls in Fiji island, as a fact some of them also call this waterfall Fiji waterfall. 

There are seven waterfalls in one location, and you will find more waterfalls if you enter from Lemukih Village. 

This beautiful Sekumpul is located in the middle of two villages, Sekumpul village and Lemukih village, therefore you can enter from two villages to the waterfall.

To see it up close requires a little bit of effort, so this is one for dedicated adventurers. A dirt road, lots of slippery steps, and the crossing of a river – it’s a tough trek, but totally worth it.

The track is easier if you enter from Sekumpul village compared to Lemukih village, but still requires some effort.

The entrance fee from both places are different. Unluckily, the gate keeper will ask you for a guide to get to the waterfall, and if you enter from Lemukih village, they will definitely ask you for a guide because the track is harder, longer, and dangerous. 

It is 20.000 rupiah for the ticket fee without a guide if you enter from Sekumpul village, but with a guide you need to pay extra. If you enter from Lemukih village the entrance fee will depend on the track that you will choose, therefore you need to pay for this, this and this.

The right time to visit Sekumpul waterfall is in dry season, and you have to check the weather a day before, is there any rain or not at the location, if there is rain on the day before, the water will full and flood, the track will be more slippery, and sometime the water is murky.

Above all this waterfall is the most beautiful and the most challenging waterfall in Bali.

4. Aling-Aling Waterfall

Bali waterfalls
Aling-Aling waterfall

Aling-Aling waterfall is my favorite waterfall. It is the most fun waterfall in Bali, because you can play with it.

There are many waterfalls at the same location, and each waterfall has its own entertainment. There is a waterfall that you can slide off, and there are 12 meters high waterfalls and 16 meters high waterfalls nearby, and you can jump off both of them. 

Bali waterfalls
Aling-Aling waterfall

The location of the waterfall is in between two villages (Ambengan village and Sembangan village), and that means you can enter the waterfall from two places.

The entrance fee from both places are different depending on how many activities that you will do at the waterfall, thus you need a guide for that.

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