Banyumala Waterfall Bali

Banyumala is one of the clear water waterfalls in North of Bali and also known as the Twin Waterfalls. The location of the waterfall in a valley makes this waterfall looks beautiful.

To reach to the waterfall is easy, the only thing that challenging you is the stairs. Along the way on stairs to the waterfall, you will see stunning views of wild flowers, greenery, monkeys and birds.

Beautiful Banyunala Waterfall

Once you arrive at the waterfall, the beauty of the waterfall will surprise you, as it looks two waterfalls are rushing down at cliff walls from 20 meters high clustered downwards create a pool.

The water in the pool is clean, and if you jump in to the water, you will see small fishes swimming circling you.

Few Things That You Need To Know

  • The entrance fee is 20.000 rupiah per-person.
  • Dry season is better to visit this waterfall compared to in rainy season, because in rainy season the the track will be slippery and the volume of the water in the pool will be high.
  • You can camp here.
  • Don’t littering, bring back your water bottle or your snack packaging to the entrance and throw it into trash bin.
View of Banyunala Waterfall

Location of Banyumala Waterfall

The location of Bayumala is in Wanagiri village that closed to Buyan lake in Bedugul.

The thing that might confusing you to find the location of this waterfall is the other two waterfalls that located near Banyumala; Banyuwana Amerta waterfall & Puncak Maniq waterfall.

Beautiful Banyunala Waterfall

Map To The Waterfall

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