Bedugul Bali – 6 Things to See in Bedugul

Organic farming at Bedugul

Bedugul is a small town located in the center of North Bali. A town with hilly landscape and cool air. 

If you go to Lovina-singaraja from Denpasar, you will pass through this town. Some travelers use this town as a resting point, but I find this place has many things to see.

The lakes, the green hills, the towns location and the farming, creates beautiful panoramic views that will flatter you to pull over to enjoy the moment.

There are ways to reach the town depending on where you are. If you start driving from Canggu through Tabanan, it takes you 1:30 minutes, but if you drive from Ubud, it takes you less.

When I visited Bedugul Bali, I was fascinated by its landscape and its panoramic view. I even decided to stay there before I continued my journey to further North Bali. 

As I explored the town, I found interesting spots that you should also see when you are in Bedugul. And here below, I will share all with you. 

1. Bratan Lake

Bratan Lake Bedugul Bali
Bratan lake view from the harbor

This lake is the first fascinating thing that you will see when you arrive at Bedugul Bali. The lake is huge, the second largest lake in Bali, and located right on the side of the main street. 

Even though you can stop at the side of the street to enjoy the lake, it is safer if you go to the space provided at the paid parking lot to see. And near the parking lot, there are restaurants, places where you can order drinks and local food. 

There are water activities that you can do at the lake. If you like, you can rent a cycling boat with your couple. Or if you want to explore around the lake, you can rent a speedboat to do it. 

2. Temple Ulun Danu Bratan

As you stand near Bratan lake, you will see a magnificent temple, and it call Ulun Danu temple. It is a holy temple for Balinese that built in 1633 to worship goddess Dewi Danu, the protector of water, lake and river.

If you have Indonesian 50.000.- notes, you will see the picture of the temple on the notes, and that is how the temple is popular among Indonesian tourists. 

3. Bedugul Botanical Garden

Gate to Botanical Garden Bedugul
The gate to Botanical garden

As if you explore the town, 20 minutes from the lake, you will find a Botanical Garden. 

It is the largest botanical garden in Indonesia. The size of the garden is 157 hectare and contains the island’s biggest collection of wild orchids. 

If you are keen on plants and flowers, this place is for you.

4. Buyan Lake

Buyan Lake
Buyan lake in Bedugul

This is another lake that you should see in Bedugul. 

There are two ways to go near the lake. If you want to see it close to the left side of the lake, after the Bali Handara iconic gate, you will find the sign on the left side of the street to get there. 

But if you want to see it from the right side of the lake, you need to drive further up then turn to Wanagiri street. As you will find the lake’s view is better from there compared to the left side of the lake.

If you notice, when you are driving from Bratan lake to Buyan lake, you will see strawberry farming along the way. And if you are keen, you can stop and pick the strawberry directly from the farm, but you need to pay of course.

5. Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Banyumala waterfall
Banyumala waterfall

When you are on Wanagiri street, you will see wild monkeys along the street and also signs of waterfalls. 

There are three waterfalls near the area. Banyumala the twin waterfalls, Banyuwarna Amerta waterfall and Puncak Manik waterfall. 

You can visit all the waterfalls. But if you don’t have time, and have to choose, you should visit Banyumala the twin waterfall. It has a clear water pool and the waterfall has a beautiful view surrounded by greenery. 

6. Tamblingan Lake

Temblingan Lake Bedugul Bali
Jukung at Temblingan lake

The last lake that you see around Bedugul is Tamblingan lake. But, you need to drive further 15 minutes away from Wanagiri to Munduk village to reach the lake.

The lake is a caldera lake which is surrounded by dense rain-forest. The lake is beautiful and peaceful. On the dry ground of the lake, stand a temple that is covered by green moss.

This lake is also open for camping. It has a nice spot on the side of the lake for that.

Map To Bedugul

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