Bingin Beach Bali

Bingin Beach Bali
Cliff accommodations at Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach Bali is another stunning beach with a long stretch of white sandy beach located in South of Bali.

Bingin is quite well-known for its left handed wave among domestic and international surfers, and if you come to surf on August with proper wind direction, you will find barrel waves here.

To get to the beach you need to walk through some narrow alley ways with long concrete steps down to beach, but the alley ways open up with incredible of wide ocean view.

If surfing is not your thing to do at the beach, walk on along the white sand is nice, or just lay down to soak the sun sounds nice too.

Where is Bingin Beach

Bingin beach Bali is located on Pecatu village, about 30 minutes drive from Bali’s airport. The beach is easy to find as there are many signs that will direct you to there.

Things that you need to know before you go

  • No Life Guard. Make sure you know the situation of the current before you decide to swim, as the strong rip-current could drag you to the deep.
  • Surfboard Rental. If you forgot to bring your surfboard, you can rent it easily at the beach, there are many of the rentals place there.
  • Sea Urchins. If you walk on the reef, please be-careful with the sea urchins.

Map to Bingin Beach

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