Good Odyssey

Bali Turtle Conservation

Bali Turtle Conservation is a place that you should see on your journey in Bali. I mean, traveling is not all about visiting beaches, waterfalls, mountains, but why not visiting a conserve place, it is also nice, isn’t it? At this turtle conservation, you can learn about the green turtle. Turtle that once was used …

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Environmental Awareness

Hopefully, when we travel somewhere, we aware that we have impacted on our planet.  Let’s see how many examples that we can find, things that we do that could impact the environment on traveling. First, the transportation that we use when we travel contributes to pollution. Airplanes, cars, boats and motorbikes all contributed to pollution.  …

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Corals Covered By Trash

Corals that are covered by trash is one way to destroy the corals. We are definitely aware, but we just don’t care. We are responsible for the destruction of the environment.  We use the place to invite people, using it as a marketing stunt for our business. Make videos and post pictures telling people how …

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