Corals Covered By Trash

Corals that are covered by trash is one way to destroy the corals. We are definitely aware, but we just don’t care.

We are responsible for the destruction of the environment. 

We use the place to invite people, using it as a marketing stunt for our business. Make videos and post pictures telling people how beautiful the place is.

We sell the good things and cover as good as we can the bad one.

Honestly, I acted that bad as well when I visited a place, I closed my eyes to the bad things that I saw on the place, and I only wanted to see the good thing. I admitted it was wrong, it was a huge mistake. 

Every time I gathered information about a place, I always found the good things which told me about how beautiful the place was, through some pictures and videos, but once I arrived at the place ‘boom’ trash was everywhere.

Some people said we should keep this bad thing from people because it will affect the reputation of the place if we blow it up on the surface, many people will lose their businesses and jobs. 

Honestly, is this what we should do? covered it from the truth?

A little story

I just visited one of my favorite places. I love the underwater, diving and snorkeling are activities that I really like to do, seeing how beautiful the underwater world is so amazing, and I like to do those activities at this place.

So I arrived happily, prepared myself then went to jump in to the water, and I saw trashes covered the corals.

I took it, then said to my self ‘aah probably just that”, then I kept going snorkeling back and forth, and still I saw the trashes everywhere, polluted the sea and covered the corals.

What Exist At The Area

There are hundreds of businesses exist at the area. Dive schools, free dive schools, yoga centers, restaurants, any kind of stores, and accommodation, andall depend their businesses on corals and marine life of the sea at the area.

But one thing that I don’t understand is if they depend their businesses on corals and the marine life, why they let trashes everywhere? do they notice this? or maybe they just simply don’t care? I dont know, another one big mystery I guess. 

Some Solutions To Do

First thing to do is through the community, work together to employ people to work daily to clean up the trash that floating and covered the corals.

Let say collect 100.000.- from each businesses, with 30 businesses will gather 3.000.000.-.

With those money employ two people to collect the trash that floating in the sea or covered the coral for 2 hours daily, I guarantee, the area will be free from the trash.

Second thing to do is to continue to educate people that live around the area about the negative impact of trash to their environment.

The death of the corals and marine life will be the death of their business as well.

A Reminder For Us

Please choose dive operators, accommodations, restaurants or places to spend your money that have environmental responsibility activities that protect and support the life of marine environment.

The environment is not just destroyed by bad people but by those who watch them without doing anything.

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