Environmental Awareness

Hopefully, when we travel somewhere, we aware that we have impacted on our planet. 

Some Problems That We Don’t Realise We Did & Causes Problem To Environment

Let’s see how many examples that we can find, things that we do that could impact the environment on traveling.

First, the transportation that we use when we travel contributes to pollution. Airplanes, cars, boats and motorbikes all contributed to pollution. 

Second, the packaging or plastic bags from food that we buy will end up at landfill or floating on the ocean and we don’t know when it will be recycled. 

Third, things that we put on our skin such as sun-block when we are swimming in the ocean will contaminate the water and kill corals and fishes. 

Fourth, the wax that we put on our surfboard will oily the ocean and contaminate the water, etc. 

Things That We Can Do To Help The Environment

Sounds so terrifying doesn’t it? We seem like just leaving bad marks for the environment while traveling. Therefore, one way that we can do to avoid this, is by traveling with environment awareness in mind.

Our awareness of the environment will make us a responsible traveler. And, with resources that are available today, it makes it easier for us to leave better markers.

An example to reduce our bad impact on the environment is by seeking out accommodations that are environmentally responsible. We can choose accommodations that have effective waste treatment systems, or ones that use natural energy systems. 

Another simple action that we can do is by turning our air conditioner off when we leave the room. 

Using eco-friendly stuff is also another better thing that we can do. Such as choosing a wax with natural ingredients in it for our surfboard or we can use sun-block that is friendly for the ocean.

By avoiding using single-use plastic bag when we buy our groceries, will also reduce plastic bags that will floating on the ocean or on the river. And, deciding to walk or cycle instead of jumping in a car when we want to go somewhere, will also lessen our chance to contribute to pollution. 

With this little effort, we will give a new meaning to the environment on our travels. There are many other simple things that we can do on traveling without harming the environment. 

And, one thing to always remember is the environment will not just be destroyed by evil people, but also destroyed by people who watch and without doing anything.

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