Green Bowl Beach Bali

Green Bowl Beach Bali
The cave at Green Bowl beach

Green Bowl Beach Bali is recommended beach to visit in Southern of Bali. It has turquoise water’s and powdery white sand, do not miss to visit this place.

Green Bowl Beach was once called the secret beach in South of Bali, because the location is hidden below a high cliff and not many people know about this beach spot.

Now-days, the beach is getting popular. To get to the beach you need to walk on hundreds of concrete steps but once you step on the sands you will feel all is worth it.

Green Bowl Beach Bali
Sunset at Green Bowl beach

This beach is also another favorite surf spots in Bali. It has right-handed wave and left-handed wave as well, and the waves are powerful and challenging too.

The water is so clear and clean, but the rip-current is quite strong, so be careful if you decide to jump to the water.

If you walk to west side of the beach, about 20 meters from the steps, you will find a cave. A cave that you can use to hide from the sun, or just laying down for relaxing on the shade.

Where is Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl beach located in the most Southern part of Uluwatu. It takes 1 hour to drive from Bali’s airport.

The beach is easy to find, because there are many signs that will direct you to the location.

Things that you need to know before you go

  • Low tide is better. I would recommend you to come in low-tide compare ti high tide, because in high tide the beach is usually cover by the white wash. And in low-tide you will find many reef pool place for you to swim.
  • Entrance fee. There is entrance fee but it is only 5000 rupiah.
  • Life Guard. No life guard on duty there, so be careful if you decide to jump to the water.
  • Beware of the wild monkeys. Do not pet them, they will bite you.

Map to Green Bowl Beach

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