Japanese Shipwreck Amed Bali

Japanese Shipwreck Amed Bali

Japanese Shipwreck Amed is one of the best snorkeling spots that you should definitely see when you are in Bali.

The wreck is laid down only in 10 meters depth, so you can see it clearly, and you can easily explore all parts of the wreck.

The wreck is also located 5 meters away from the shore, you do not need to swim far to find it.

Even Though it is easy to find because of its location near the shore, there is still a strong current a few meters away from the wreck that will drag you to the east of the beach. Try to check if the current direction is better before you jump into the water.

There are also beautiful corals surrounding the wreck, if you feel bored exploring the wreck you can also explore the corals.

The wreck is beautiful, something that you should definitely see if you like snorkeling and if you are in Amed Bali.

Japanese Shipwreck Amed Bali

The Location of Japanese Wreck Amed

The location of the Japanese shipwreck Amed is in Banyuning Village about 15 minutes away by motorbike from Jemeluk Bay Amed.

To get to the location if you are in Canggu Denpasar, it will take you 2 hours by motorbike. The fastest way is by crossing the road of the Semaya Village. If you go through the city of Amplapura, it will take you longer to find the spot.

I will post the Google Map of the location below, to help you to find the location of the wreck.

Things That You Need to Know Before You Go to The Location

Snorkeling Gear

You can bring your own snorkeling gear or you can also rent it there. There are two locations to rent the gear; near the beach at the shipwreck location or you can go to Pak Made warung as he is also renting the snorkeling gear. The price is 40.000.- rupiah complete gear.

No lifeguard

There is no lifeguard at the area, and that means you have to take good care of yourself when you are in the water. Try to check the condition of the area before you jump to the water.

Dont touch or step on the corals

It takes time for corals to grow and be beautiful, so let it be like that, because if you step on it, it will break and destroy.

Lets keep the beach clean

Plastic trash is bad to our environment, and the environment need our hand to protect it, even you are not littering at the location, but your voice is also important, so every-time you see plastic trash floating near the wreck you can inform that to the people who work at the snorkeling gear rental place or to people at the location.

Map To The Wreck

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