Jemeluk Bay Amed Bali – Snorkeling & Diving

Jemeluk Bay Amed

Jemeluk Bay Amed is a fisherman village located in the Eastern of Bali. This bay is known for its calm water and colorful corals.

This village is also the center of Amed; you can find restaurants, accommodations, yoga center, dive schools, freediving schools, and bars easily at the area. That is why Jemeluk is quite busy compared to other places in Amed.

The beach has a long stretch of black volcanic sandy beach, and a good place to enjoy the sunset. If you walk to the beach, you can see the mighty mount Agung from a distance.

There is a good place to enjoy the sunset beside at the beach at Jemeluk, but you have to walk up to the top of the cliff on the west side of the village, at that place you can see beautiful sunset view with the view of mount Agung and the whole area of Jemeluk bay.

The underwater is also beautiful, you can see living corals, colorful fishes, and turtles too. But you have to be-careful with all boats that float on the water.

This area is also used by dive schools to teach their students, because the water is calm with good visibility. So, if you are interested in taking Scuba Dive certificates this place is definitely for you.

The Location of Jemeluk Bay

Jemeluk Bay is located in Amed Eastern of Bali. The spot is about 15 minutes away from another snorkeling spot Lipah Beach.

From Denpasar to reach this place will take you 2 ½ drive by motorbike by crossing Semaya Village.

Check the Google Map below to direct you to the location.

Things That You Need to Know Before You Go to Jemeluk Bay

Snorkeling Gear

You can easily find snorkeling gear rental. The price is usually 40.000.- rupiah complete with fin.

Dont Step on The Corals

If you decide to go snorkeling at this place, please do not step on the coral or touch it. If you step on it, you will break the corals, and if you touch it, you just transfer your bacteria to the coral and it will kill the corals.

Lets keep the beach clean

Plastic trash has become a major problem in the area. If you see some plastic trash floating in the sea, please take it and put it in the trash bin. By doing this you help the environment and directly teach people around to raise their awareness about the trash.

Map to The Location

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