Kelimutu – The 3 Colors Lakes in Flores Island

Kelimutu Flores

Kelimutu is another national park beside Wae Rebo village and 17 Islands Marine Park in Riung that you should see in Flores Island. The place is beautiful but also sacred for people that live around the mountain.

Beside the location of the crater lakes on top of 1639 meter high above the sea level and located near by each other, the lakes also has three different colors makes Kelimutu is interesting to see.

The colors of the lakes are blue (sometime change into green), red and white. Changes as a result of chemical reactions resulting from the minerals contained in the lake trigger by volcano gas activity.

Other thing that really interesting about Kelimutu is the lakes are sacred for Lio people that live near Kelimutu, and they believe the souls of the dead migrate to the lakes.

The blue lake or also called Tiwu Koo Fai Nuwa Muri is the gathering place for the dead soul of the young.

The red lake or Tiwu Ata Polo is the gathering place for soul of the wicked or villains.

The white lake or Tiwu Ata Bupu is the gathering place for soul of the elderly.

Where is Kelimutu

Kelimutu located in Ende district, about 9 hours drive from Labuan Bajo. If you fly from Bali, you can go directly to Ende airport then drive about 1 hour to Moni village or Waturaka village as shelter before you hike the mountain to see the lakes.

From Moni village it takes 1:30 minutes to the gate of Kelimutu, and from Waturaka, it takes 1 hour drive.

Moni village & Waturaka village as the gate to Kelimutu

There are many options for accommodations and restaurants at Moni village, and mostly for people who want to visit Kelimutu they will stay at Moni before they start their journey to Kelimutu.

Waturaka village

But, there is also nice place as a shelter before you go climb the mountain to see Kelimutu. The place is Waturaka, a tourism village that located 30 minutes away from Moni village.

If you want to feel the authentic moment to stay, this place is for you. Here, you can rent a room in the village house, you will stay together with them in the same house with different room.

The people are very friendly, and happy to show you their rice field, coffee plantation, and nice places such as waterfall and natural hot spring in the village.

Few things that you need to know before you go

  • Entrance fee. The fee is 100 thousand rupiah.
  • Best time to go. During the afternoon, but if you are trying to catch the sunrise, you have to go earlier at 04:00AM from Moni village or Waturaka to the gate, then walk about 40 minutes to the peak.
  • What to bring. Warm clothes if you are trying to catch the sunrise from Kelimutu.

Map to Kelimutu

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