Nunggalan Beach Bali

Nunggalan Beach Bali

Nunggalan beach bali is a beautiful white sandy beach in South of Bali. The location of the beach is hidden below a high cliff, and close to Nyang Nyang beach separated only by rocks that block the beach.

To get to the beach is quite challenging, as you have to walk a downhill track through the jungle. This beach is more popular compare to Nyang Nyang beach especially for local visitors.

The beach is nearly similar with Nyang Nyang beach, it has soft sand and a long stretch of white sandy beach, nice place for relaxing walking on the beach or laid down to soak the sun.

The waves are quite strong for swimming but really good for surfing. And if you come in low tide, you will find many tides pool, good place to swim.

Whare is Nunggalan Beach Bali?

The beach is located in Uluwatu, about 1 kilometer away from Uluwatu temple. If you drive from Canggu, it will take you 1 hour to reach the parking area.

There is a little sign to reach the entrance, but I will post the Google Map below to help to find it.

There is no entrance fee but you have to pay for parking, and it is 10.000.- for motorbike.

Things That You Need to Know Before You Go

  • There is no life guard at the beach, take good care of your self especially if you decided to swim.
  • Watch for sea-urchins.
  • The track to get to the beach is challenging, so make sure that you are in good condition.
  • Bring your own water, because it is hard to find fresh water below.
  • The beach is already clean, and let’s keep it that way.

Map to Nunggalan Beach

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