Nyang Nyang Beach Bali

Nyang Nyang Beach Bali

Nyang Nyang beach is a quite sandy beach located in South side of Bali. The beach has along stretch of white sandy beach, which is good for you who wanna just walk on the beach or just wanna laid down to soak the sun.

The beach’s location is below a high cliff, so to get to the beach you need to walk down the hill, but it is easy, because there is a road to get there and you can drive your motorbike to reach the beach.

There is entrance fee, only 10.000.- rupiah, it is quite really cheap compared to the beauty of the view of the beach.

For you who like surfing, you can do it here too. There is long right-handed waves for you to surf, and the spot is just right in front of a small café. The cafe is easy to find, because it is only cafe down there.  

The beach is clean and in low tide, you can find many tides pool, place you can swim to but watch out for the sea-urchins.

Camping is also good at the beach. I did three times, and all was great, so quiet, peaceful and you can see stars brightly at night.

If visiting beaches in south of Bali is on your list, make sure to check out this amazing beach.

The Location of Nyang Nyang Beach

The beach is located about 500 meters away from Uluwatu Temple, and 500 meters way from Nunggalan Beach. If you drive with motorbike from Canggu, it will take 1 hour to get to the beach.

I will post Google Map below, to help you to find it easily.

Things That You Need to Know Before You Go to The Beach

  • There is no life guard at the beach, so make sure to swim at the area where there is no rip-current.
  • Watch out for the sea-urchins
  • If you are deciding to camping, ask for permit before you do it. You can ask to the owner of the restaurant near the parking area or to park-man as he will help you.
  • No fresh water below, so bring water from above.
  • The beach is already clean, let’s keep it that way.

Map to The Beach

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