Pemuteran Beach – Journey for snorkeling spot in North of Bali

Pemuteran beach Bali

Pemuteran Beach, yes! That’s what it’s called. A snorkeling spot that I accidentally found on my journey exploring north of Bali for snorkeling.

This is my story of how I ended up snorkeling on Pemuteran beach. It was a sunny morning when I decided to drive my motorbike to explore the North of Bali for snorkeling.

One place that I had in my mind was Lovina beach in Singaraja.

I started driving at 7:30 AM and drove through Bedugul to Lovina Singaraja. It took approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes by scooter from Canggu to arrive in Lovina.

Arrived in Lovina, I started exploring to find a place for snorkeling, and after I jumped into several spots around Lovina, I did not find a good one.

So, I asked people that I met at Lovina beach about snorkeling spots, and they suggested that I go to Menjangan Island.

As usual, they offered me their type of services to get there, by boat, by car, day trip, two days trip, including this and that, and etc. They were just trying to find a way to make me buy their services.

But I enjoyed traveling by myself, driving my motorbike felt more free compared to someone driving for me, and of course, it was cheaper way of traveling.

I stayed in Lovina for one night, and in the morning after having an awesome breakfast near Lovina beach, I drove my motorbike to Menjangan Island.

It took 1 hour to reach Menjangan harbor from Lovina, as the road is nearly empty, therefore, I could drive my motorbike faster.

Menjangan Island is a conservation area; it is not as easy as we go to Nusa Penida. There is no public boat that will bring you to and from the island, you have to rent a boat to get there.

You also cannot stay long on the island, and you need a guide or ranger to explore the island. Doesn’t matter how good you are in the water or how expert you are in dealing with conservation, you must follow all the rules in Menjangan and it applies to everyone.

I was surprised when I learned how much to pay for a boat to go to Menjangan to explore the island and snorkeling. It was 600 thousand rupiah for the boat, and that didn’t include the guide yet.

Because I traveled by myself that price became too expensive for me, therefore I decided not to go to Menjangan island and decided to go back to Lovina.

Pemuteran Beach

It was mid-day when I was driving back to Lovina from Menjangan harbor. After 30 minutes driving, I stopped at a small “warung” for having my lunch on the side of a beach.

The owner of the “warung – small local restaurant” asked me where I came from and where I would go next, and I said I was from Menjangan for snorkeling but couldn’t go because too expensive for me, then he said I didn’t need to go there for snorkeling, I could do it here at the beach.

After he showed me the place, I prepared myself and jumped into the water. I was very happy; the place was beautiful. I saw beautiful corals with colorful fishes playing around the corals.

The beach had black sandy, mild waves, and the area was quiet too. Better place for relaxing and enjoying the underwater.

If you like quiet places with beautiful underwater, then this Pemuteran Beach is definitely for you!

Map to guide you to get there

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