Tulamben Bali – The USS Liberty Shipwreck

Diving at shipwreck

This diving site USS Liberty Shipwreck – Tulamben Bali is a must see for you who are fans of diving and snorkeling.

The wreck is huge and become an absolute underwater wonderland for marine life.

It lays down only 15 meters below and 20 meters away from the shore. You don’t even have to scuba dive to see it, you can see it just by snorkeling, but has to do it in low tide with good visibility too.

Inside the wreck - Tulamben Bali
Inside the wreck

Two Days In Tulamben – At The Shipwreck

I spent two days in Tulamben. On the first day, I just snorkeled at the shipwreck. And on the second day, I decided to scuba dive to see closely the wreck.

I was surprised when I snorkeled at the wreck, because I saw many fishes, and even some of them were tailing me during snorkeling. I saw schools of Gravelly, Bream, Fusilier, and Anthers milled near the wreck.

When I was scuba dive, I saw many kind of fishes as well especially on the sand flats. I saw Lion fish, Yellow tail clown-fish, Scorpion fish, Hawk fish, Bumped-head Parrot fish, Puffer fish, Nemo, and Coral Trout everywhere near the wreck.

Clown Fish at Tulamben
Yellow tail Clown-fish at the sand flats

It was a bliss able to see the wreck closely, snorkeling and diving around it, exploring what inside, and witnesses the living things that took over the wreck and made it as their home. Something that I want you to experience too.

Orange Clown Fish
Orange Clown-fish near the wreck

Location of Tulamben – USS Liberty Shipwreck

Tulamben is a fisherman village located on East of Bali. Approximately, 3 hours drive from Denpasar by car. But, if you are already in Amed, to reach this spot is only 15 minutes by car or motorbike.

Corals and fishes at Tulamben Bali
Marines life at the wreck

How To Reach Tulamben

The way to Tulamben is easy. If you drive by yourself, you can follow Ida Bagus Mantra bypass, then follow the main way that leads to the city of Amlapura. From Amlapura, you will find many signs that direct you to Tulamben.

There is shuttle bus that goes to Amed, Perama Shuttle Bus. Then from Amed you can find Gojek or Taxi, drive about 15minutes to the shipwreck.  

About The Wreck

The wreck is an army transport ship the USS Liberty torpedoed by the Japanese submarine 1942 in Lombok, then towed to the beach at Tulamben for salvage operations. In 1963, the eruption of Mount Agung drove the ship into the water.

The wreck of Tulamben Bali
Divers exploring the wreck

Things That You Need To Know Before You Go

  • No entrance fee for diving or snorkeling at the shipwreck. But you need to pay a parking fee which is 5000 rupiah for a car and 2000 rupiah for motorbike.
  • There is no snorkeling gear rental around the area. So make sure that you have it before you arrive at the location.
  • No lifeguard at the area. If you decide to go snorkeling by yourself without a guide, make sure that you are aware about the location. 
  • The beach at the shipwreck location is not a sandy beach but it is entirely covered with fairly large stone, and smooth stone.
  • Don’t touch the corals or marine life around the area.
Living corals on the sand flat at Tulamben Bali
Beautiful corals near the wreck

Map To USS Liberty Shipwreck

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